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Toyo SLA7-12 Alarm Medical UPS Battery CY0112 12 volt 7 Ah 3/16 Terminal F1

SKU: 753712
Rhino Toyo or Genesis SLA7-12 Alarm Medical UPS Battery CY0112 12 volt 7 Ah CY0112 3/16 Terminal F1

Price: $25.00


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Item Specifications
# of Units:1
Unit Cost:25.00
Weight:5.0000 lbs.
Mfg. #:SLA7-12

Product Description

Toyo SLA7-12 Alarm, Medical, Game Feeder or UPS Replacement Battery 12 volt 7 Ah. L 5.95 W 2.56 H 3.94. You must verify your dimensions before you place the order. We have this battery in both the 3/16 standard terminal and the 1/4" T25, see item 754977. If you are in the South Florida area you can pick up at our warehouse 7 days a week just select counter pick up in the shipping choices. We ship only the battery. You will use the existing wiring and hardware as applicable and as needed. This is a complete and better replacement for 12VDC 7.2AH John Lite models take different batteries. Confirm dimensions and terminal size before ordering. For longer run time you may use the SLA9-12.

We lovingly test every battery prior to shipping and only ship perfect fully charged batteries ready for immediate use

[Click here!] to view a PDF for this item. SLA-7-12, SLA-12v-7ah. We will substitute if sold out of the Rhino with an equal or better item like Toyo or UPG.

Fits and replaces: APC RBC123 PX12072HG UB1280 Universal APC UPS 700 APC BACKUP UPS 700 APC BX900RQ uses two APC BackUps ES BE550R CyberPower 725SL APC BACKUP ES 750 APC BackUps 500 Motortrend 10000000 Candle power Spotlight MTS-2/3867 Cyberpower RB1270X2A uses two APC ES750 APC ES550 No Break RBC110 RoadPro RPJL2940 C15MIL/889269 Cambell Hausefeld CC2300 Cordless Rechargeable Inflator CBHNCC2300 Enduring CB712 Ritar RT1270E APC XS900 uses two Cyberpower UPS CP1350AVR uses two APC Back-UPS NS 1250 BN1250 uses two Battery Belkin F6C100UNV CY 0112 APC Back-UPS ES 650 BackUPS ES Series BE500U UPS RBC 17 APC Back-UPS ES 725VA Broadband Razor E300 uses two Belkin F6C100-4 Cyber Power 1000AVR BR1500LCD uses two PX 12072 GS Portalac PX12072 BACKUP APC550 LCR12V6.5BP C000434188 Smart UPS SC420 APC Smart-UPS 5000T SMART UPS 5000 APC RBC110 APC RBC 110 Cyberpower 800AVR COOOO3O225 Johnlite COOOO3O225 Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor C0307 CC230000AV DSC Power 832 PC5010 Security system Vision CP1270 12V 7.0 AH Ultra Tech 1270 Johnlite 2953RL 6FMS7 Werker BSL1075 Johnlite C000167118 APC RS 1500 UPS uses two Enduring Battery MH27774 CB 712 12V7AH/20HR Solex 1270 Wild Game Innovations 12 VB 12 QMT-WGI-12VB 616376100673 WGI-12VB Panasonic LCR127R2PG Cyclops Thor X Colossus C18MIL-15 Thorx 10000000 Best Power Patroit 450 FN1270 Portalac PX12072HG 12V 7.2 Ah Costco Halogen Spotlight 548284 8069 Tripp Lite RBC62-1U uses two SMART500 RT1U DJW127 UPS W13112430185 6-DW-7 12v 7AH Samsung RS 275 ACWP Cyberpower 550VA GENESIS NP712 12V 7AH 791-182391B 7791-182391 182391 Part Number 182391 Replacement Battery For Ryrobi Weed Trimmer DE1270DC LCR12V7.2P CyberPower 550 CyberPower CP550SL Liftmaster 485LM ES712 12V7.2AH/20HR Liftmaster MODEL 485LM EverCharge Integrated Standby Power System BX1300LCD Ultratech UT-1270 Portalac PX12072 verify F1 terminals Campbell Tire Inflator CC230000AV HUANYU HYS1270 EBP72 EBP72-XL Minuteman/Para Systems APC BP500U Wata 6-DW-7Ah Battery APC 280B UPS APC050608G32 Motor Trend 10,000,000 DSC 712 DSC712 B&B HR1234W GZ1270 BACKUPS XS 1300 uses two HYS1270 485 LM 485LM Liftmaster 485LM Battery Backup for Liftmaster 3850 Opener Y1272 APC Smart UPS 1400 uses two John Lite JML 2940 Cyclops Thor X Colossus 18 Million Candle Power Spot Light CY 0112 C000025952 CY040702 CY0112 Motor Trend 10,000,000 Spotlight Ultratech UT-1270 APC XS1300 uses two JOHNLITE CY0112 JOHNLITE CY050303 PARASYSTEMS/MINUTEMAN PARASYSTEM MINUTEMAN PRO 520 UPS CC020300AV C000166428 For all CC23xx and CC25xx inflator models Power Patrol SEC1075 ADT 477967 Alarm ION IPA03 Ultra 1000VA UPS model 1000AP HYS 1270 HYS1270 APC Back-UPS ES 500 Opti-UPS 420ES JIML 2940 TH 012-X 10.000.000 candle power Johnlit CY-0112 YANP712 Enduring MH20567 PS 1270 F1 PS1270 F1 BB BP7.212 JOHNLITE TR7.512 Tripp Lite OMNI1000LCD verify terminals EXIDE EP 1229W Power Patrol SEC1075 Ultra 1000 UPS APC EP1229W Enduring MH27774 6FM7(12V7AH/20HR) PX12072HG 12V7.2AH/20HR Bescor NMH54NC Toyo 6FM7 Chamberlain 4228 Evercharge Sears 00910678000 Model 922GA PS1270 12 V 7.2 AH HITACHI HV712 VISION CP 1270 VISION CP1270 HR1234W F2 HR1234WF2 THORX JML 2940 LP 500 7.5 AH 12 V LP500 THOR- X 10,000,000 CANDLE POWER, Model 2940 Thor-x 10,000,000 flash light C000143602 EP 1229W BELKIN F6C1500-TW-RK UPS BELKIN F6C1500TWRK UPS uses two 6DFM7 JOHNLITE 12V 7AH/ 20HR SEC1075 RBC2PB DSC BD712 JOHNLITE JML2951 W13112430185 uses two 12V7AH T1 12 V 7AH / 20HR 12V 7AL/20HF YUASA-Exide NP7-12 POWER 832 SLA1075 12V 7.2AH Ritar 1270 LCR 12V7.2PR CY0112 ADT 477967 CB712 12V 7AH/20 HR EP 1229W EP1229W ENERSYS GENESIS NP712FR SEALED PX 12072 12V 7.2AH SH 1228W SH1228W 12V 7AH/20HR BP712 12V7AH ISO 9001 MFA 12V7AH Exide NP712 ZEUS PC712 Cylclops Thor Platinum 15M Candlepower Rechargeable Spotlight C15MIL/ 889269 BBP7.512 Power Sonic PS-1270 F1 12V, 7AH 6PS0070H12V 7AH/20HR CA 1270 Interstate PC1270 CY0112 CY071009 12 Volt 7.5 AH Powersonic PS1270 FI 12V 7.0 AMP Powersonic PS1270 JML2951 WERKER12V7.5AH CYBERPOWER 585VA SH1228 SH1228W RITAR RT1270 RT1270 Thor Platinum 15M Candlepower Rechargeable Spotlight C15MIL 889269 Johnlite C000058738 12V 7AH SLA SLA7.512 SLA127.5 APC BACKPRO 500 BackUPS Pro 500 BackUP Pro 500 NP712 12V 7.0AH JOHNLITE CY050207 JOHNLITE 12V 7AH / 20HR JOHNLITE C000217340 12CE7.5T2 Tripplite 500 CY0712 JML2940 Super SearchEye Spotlight JML2940 Searchlight Spotlights MacTronic Humvee 15 Million Candle Power Searchlight JML2940 Humvee 15 Million Candlepower Searchlight 220 Volt APC BACK UP 280 APC BACK UP280 APC BACK UPS 280 BACK UP 280 BACK UP 280 BACK UP280 BACK UPS 280 CY0112 HYS1270 12V7AH NP712FR 12V CY-0112 for Cyclops 15MCP 12V 7AH /20HRS Roadpro RPJL2940 Roadpro RPJL2940 10 Million Candle Power Light Roadpro RPJL2940 12 VOLT 7.0 AH 12 V 7.0 AH CY020831 JOHNLITE CY0112 BK200, BK250B, BK280, BP280, BP280PNP, BP280C, BP280S, BK300, BK400, BK400B, BP420, BP420C, BP420PNP, BP420S, BK500M, PCPER, PCPRO, SUVS420, BP500, BP500UC SU420NET 12V7AH/20HR Yoyo 6FRMS7 Toyo 6FMS7 John Lite CY102 Thor X CY041223 ThorX CY041223 C000123269 WKA12 7.5AH APC 420 APC SmartUPS 420 UPS Backup Battery Biz RBC2 APC RS 800 APC RS800 uses 2 CY 0112 Casil 1270 WKA12 7.5AH P127R2P LCP127R2P UB 1270 BD 712 CB1270 Security Alarm BackUp Batteries Power Battery Co Inc Paterson NJ PM-12-7.2 Ah Thor-X Cyclopes 10,000,000 Candle Power Cyclops CYC-S6X Thor X Scout 6.5 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Halogen 6PS0070H JOHNLITE2940 JOHNLITE 2940 HYS1270 WKA127.5F UN712V Campbell Hausfeld CC2300 Campbell Hausfeld Cordless Tire Inflators CC2300 HYS1270 CY 0112 12V 7AH / 20HR DJW127.0 12V7.0AH WKA127.5 T1000 XR Compaq T1000XR Hewlett Packard T1000XR Compaq/Hewlett Packard T1000XR HYS1270 PX12072 12V 7.2 12V 702 APC BK200 APC BK250B APC BK280 APC BP280 APC BP280PNP APC BP280C APC BP280S APC BK300 APC BK400 APC BK400B APC BP420 APC BP420C APC BP420PNP APC BP420S APC BK500M APC PCPER APC PCPRO APC SUVS420 APC BP500 APC BP500UC APC SU420NET APC RBC 2 APC Cartridge 2 APC Cartridge #2 JohnLite CY-0112 Battery Spotlight Batterys CY00112 JOHNLITE BATTERY CYOO112 JOHNLITE C000405784 JOHNLITE 12V 7AH RECHARGABLE APC 700 THOR-X 10,000,000 candle power lantern BP700UC APC Back-UPS LS700 battery PX 12072 Johnlite Battery CY 0112 Belkin F6C1500-TW-RK uses 2 Thor-X Super Bright 10 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Spotlight 12V 7 AH Yuasu CY0112 JONHLITE 12V 7AH 20HR JohnLite CY-0112 Portalac PX12072 Cyber Power Office Power CPS1000AVR UPS Batteries BC127P2FO02 Exide EP712 RBC18 Verizon FIOS Phone/Internet Modem Yakia YTX7A-BS JOHNLITE CY0112 CPS585 R&D 5390 Battery UB1280 R - D BATTERIES-5390 Belkin F6C525-SER UPS Belkin F6C1500TWRK uses 2 with existing wire harness APC BP500UC APC Dantona LEAD12V7.2250 Dantona LEAD127250 Dantona APC BK500M APC 500 APC BACKUPS PRO LS 500UB1280 can be replaced with this 12 v 7 Ah BACKUPS XS 1000 Backups XS1000 APC BX1000 uses 2 of these or the SLA12-9 with existing wiring harness LC-R127R2P1 GH 1270 GH GH1270 MK ES712 GP1272 F2 CSB GP1272 F2 APC XS900 APC XS 900 APC RRBC5 12V 0.7AH BP712T2 RBC25 CY-0112 for Cyclops 15MCP RBC51 Power-Sonic PS1270 F Cyclops 15MCP CY0112 JohnLite CY 0112 Battery Verizon FIOS APC Back Ups ES 500 BE500C APC SMARTUPS 450 Belkin F6C800 UPS Battery, F6C800, Belkin F6C800 Belkin takes two (2) with .25" terminal, APC XS 800, APC XS800 takes two (2) with .25" terminal, Cyclops 15MCP and JohnLite CY-0112 Battery per the Candlepower Forum, THOR-X 10,000,000 Candle Power Flashlight, APC BACKUPUPS XS 800 with T25 Terminals, 12V 7.0AH, GP 1270 F2, Energizer ER-OF800 UPS Battery Backup, ER0F800, RBC2 battery pack and fits the following APC UPS units: APC 500, ES 500, APC ES500, AP280, AP330, AP330XT, AP360, AP360SX, BK200, Belkin FC6120-UNV, 182391, Ryobi Weed Trimmer, BK250B, BK250B, BK280B, BP280, BP280B, BP280S, BP280PNP, BP280C, BK300, BK350, BP350, BP350UC, BK400, BK400B, BP420, BP420C, BP420PNP, BP420S, BP500(ALL), BK500M, SU360SX, SU420VS, SU420NET, PCPER, PCPRO, BACKUPS300, BACKUPS 300, BACKUPS ES 500, SLA Alarm Battery, SLA Alarm Batteries, Alarm Battery, Alarm Batteries Johnlite Battery CY0112 This battery replaces these alarm batteries: Ademco 5140XM, ADT 899953, Alpha Tech ALI1000 ~ Alpha 1270 , Audiovex 3344, American Safety 1270, AT&T 8000, CSB GP1270, Guardian DG 12-7, Hitachi HP712, Johnson Controls GC 1260, Panasonic LCR12V7.2P, Plantronics PL12, Power Patrol SLA1075, Powersonic PS-1270, Sentry SP7-12, Solutech 58-1270, Traveller SE-127, Yuasa NP7-12 or the YUASA NP-7-12, SLA-7-12, SLA12-7, SLA-12-7, Zareba Gate Opener, Zareba solar gate opener CF 12V 7.2.

The RBC32 is two of these batteries. You just re-use your existing cabling and hardware. The Back-UPS 900 XS uses two of these batteries.

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