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AA Lithium 3.6 Volts Saft AA LS14500 LS-14500 MB5 Single from OEM tray COMP-6-SAFT

SKU: 660005
AA Lithium 3.6 Volts Saft  LS14500 LS-14500 MB5 Single from OEM tray AA 3.6V

Price: $9.00


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Please Note: Effective May 16th 2012, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will no longer accept international shipments of any LITHIUM batteries. Read the document Here. However, it is possible to ship these batteries via UPS and FedEx.

Item Specifications
# of Units:1
Unit Cost:9.00
Weight:0.0375 lbs.
Mfg. #:COMP-6-SAFT

Product Description

AA Lithium 3.6 volt, 2250 mAh Capacity. Single battery from OEM tray.

The USPS announced 5.16.12 10 AM EST No international shipments of any lithium batteries are allowed. Please do not order if you are outside the USA.

We will ship Saft or Tadiran TL5104. Primary Lithium-Thionyl Chloride battery. This will not work to replace a AA 1.5 battery, the voltage is much higher.

This is a primary, non-rechargeable battery.COMP-6-X 3.7 volts and 3.6 volts in the battery industry are considered identical

Fits and replaces: NCR Cash Register 2106-1001 you have to solder the wire leads carefully Mark IV toll payer Illinois Tollway Authority LS 14505 XL-060F LCR 14500 LCR14500 CR14500 CR14500 Rowenta Bathroom Scale 365 Tekcell SB-AA11 ER6V/3.6V GE Simon wireless security system motion sensor ER14505 Tadiran 5903S Rowenta BS360 Scale Illinois I-Pass transponder Illinois I-Pass transponders 1425OC SBAA01 MH18384 Rowenta bathroom scale Rowenta, IL IPass transponder, Illinois IPass Transponder, Illinois I Pass Transponder, Ipass model #TL5113, ipass TL5113, , Illinois I-Pass tollway transponder, Illinois I Pass tollway transponder, Valhalla Model 2720GS Calibrator, 272OGS, 2720GS, Tadiran TL-2100, TL-4903, TL-5104, TL-5903, Saft LS 14500C, LS 14500 C, LS14500C, LS 14500, LS14500, Sonnenschein SL-360, SL-760, Toshiba ER6V, ER6LV. Used in home alarm systems and many other industrial applications such as ALLEN BRADLEY Programmable Logic Controls and Equipment.

Operates in temperature extremes of over 90 C to minum 50 C. Low self discharge action gives this battery a nominal 8 - 10 year shelf life. Fits in : I-PASS Illinois Tollway System.

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