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Maxell LR44 (Replaces AG13, GA13, G13-A, V13GA, G13A) - 10 Maxell Batteries

SKU: 31101
Maxell LR44 (Replaces AG13, GA13, G13-A, V13GA, G13A) - 10 Maxell Batteries

Price: $9.42


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Item Specifications
# of Units:10
Unit Cost:0.94
Weight:0.0750 lbs.
Mfg. #:V13GA

Product Description

AG13, G13, GA13, G13A, V13GA, (same as LR44 Maxell)- 10 Batteries. Dimensions : 11.6 mm Diameter x 5.4 mm Height, 1.5 volts, 60 mAh.

This is from the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute Battery Number Handbook 2006 edition: AWI A01, Duracell PX76A, Duracell LR44, Citizen 280-904, Gold Peak (Sylva Cell) GP76A, Maxell LR44H, Maxell LR44, Rayovac A76-1, RW82, Seido SB-F9, Timex KA, Varta V13GA.

If you want a longer lasting battery of the same dimensions use the 357 Silver Oxide battery, 160 mAh. You can find them Here.

This is from the Wikpedia web site about LR44 and the various model numbers used:

Equivalent to the following batteries:

  • AG-13, AG13, G13, G-13
  • IEC SR44 (Silver-Oxide)
  • LR44 (alkaline)
  • L11541J1
  • ANSI 1107SO (Silver-Oxide)
  • 1066A (alkaline)
  • Common AG13
  • AWI S05 / S15
  • Beric BLR44
  • Bright Star S15
  • Bulova 228
  • Chateau AG13
  • Citizen 280-08
  • Citizen 280-904
  • CNB G13-A
  • Duracell 10L14 / 10SL17 / D357 / D76 / MS76 / MS76H
  • Energizer 357
  • BS07
  • BSR44H / A76
  • Eveready 357 / 541 / EPX76 / S76E
  • Gold Peak GP57 / GP76 / GPA76
  • JIS G13F / G13R / GS13
  • Kodak KS76
  • L1154
  • Lumiscope 2018
  • Mallory LR44
  • Maxell 313 / LR44 / SR44P / SR07
  • MGA MGA-2200
  • Panasonic SP76 / SR44
  • Pentax LX S-76
  • Phillips A76
  • Radio Shack 357 / 23-009
  • Rayovac RS76 / RS76-2 / RW22 / RW42 / RW82
  • Renata 228 / R357
  • Seiko SB-F9
  • Sony 76-S
  • Timex KA / T535B
  • Toshiba SR44W / SR44SW
  • Varta V13GA / V76HS / V76PX
  • Vinnic L1154

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This battery will fit or replace the following:

ManufacturerPart #TypeNotes
A.W. SperryVH-601A Wire Cable Voltage Locator Detector
AcculiteR082000 Tire Pressure Guage
Accurate Laser Boresighter FDA031974-02Laser Boresighter Wave length 522-542nm
Accurite00799Butdoor thermometer
Accusplit170Accusplit eagle pedometer
AccusplitPro SurvivorStopwatch
AccusplitPro Survivor Stopwatch
Accusplit Alliance1520 Pedometer
AccutireR092000Accutire pressure
Acurite13003Digital LED Alarm clock
Art AsylumStar Trek PhaserToy
Arthur Court Duck TimerTimer Kitchen
AT1AT1 Electronic Tally CounterElectronic Tally Counter
Audio-Technica3350Condenser microphone ATR
Audio-TechnicaATR35s Wired lavaliere
Audio-Technica Pro 24 Stereo Condenser Microphone 6"
Audio-Technica PRO 24-CM Black 3.5mm Connector Stereo Condenser Microphone
AuroraDT6610 Calculator
Bass Pro 1354772RedHead Hearing Enhancer
Beckman IndustrialDM78Circuitmate
BerecBLR44 Battery
Beretta92Pistol Laser Sight
Breezy SingerBreezy Singer Chirping Bird
Bright StarBaby Carrier Toy
Bright Star ST1Christmas light tester Bright Star
Bright Stars8555Infant Car Carrier
BrioRemote Control
Bushnell 740100CLaser Boresighter
CabelasIK-114617 Night Bobbys
CableasIK-517407 Streamlight Keymate
Calculated Industries3405 Calculator
Calculated Industries3440Calculator Qualifier Plus 111mx Calculator
CanonCC-10Alarm Clock
CanonF502 Calculator
Canon LS100TS Calculator
Casio AQ810 Calculator
Casio BB10 Calculator
Casio BB9 Calculator
Casio BG15 Calculator
Casio BG20 Calculator
Casio CG105 Calculator
Casio CG120 Calculator
Casio CL811 Calculator
Casio CL811B Calculator
Casio CL811C Calculator
Casio COMBOIII Calculator
Casio CQ1A Calculator
Casio FX-115ES Advanced Scientific Calculator
CasioFX-115SCalculatoruses two
Casio FX-270MS Calculator battery lasts three years with power turned off or 7
CasioFX-300W Calculator
CasioFX-350TL Calculatorbattery lasts three years used one hour per day
CasioFX-3650PProgrammable Scientific Calculator uses two
CasioFX-570CV Calculator 2700 hours continuous operation per Casio user manual
CasioFX-570MS Scientific Calculator
Casio FX-570s VPAM Scientific Calculator
Casio FX-85WA Calculator
Casio FX-991ES Calculator
CasioFX-992SScientific Calculator
CasioFX-ESScientific Calculator
Casio JL20 Calculator
Casio JL30 Calculator
Casio JQ100 Calculator
Casio JW8L Calculator
Casio LC1011 Calculator
Casio LC1022 Calculator
Casio LC81 Calculator
Casio LC818 Calculator
Casio LC820 Calculator
Casio LC821 Calculator
Casio LC822 Calculator
Casio LC825 Calculator
Casio LC826 Calculator
Casio LC827 Calculator
Casio LC828 Calculator
Casio LC88 Calculator
Casio LC900 Calculator
Casio M800 Calculator
Casio M801 Calculator
Casio M802 Calculator
Casio M810 Calculator
Casio MC811 Calculator
Casio MG200 Calculator
Casio ML-80 Calculatoruses two
Casio ML81 Calculator
Casio ML88 Calculator
Casio MQ1 Calculator
Casio MQ10 Calculator
Casio MQ2 Calculator
Casio MQ5 Calculator
Casio N1 Calculator
Casio PG100 Calculator
Casio PQ10 Travel Alarm Clock
Casio QL10 Calculator
Casio SG11 Calculator
CDNCDN InstaRead DWP302Thermometer Digital Waterproof
CDN DT302 Digital Meat Thermometer
CDNTM14-S Digital Timer Count Down/Up
CE ProjectCE Project Planner CalculatorCalculator
Cen-Tech 47257Caliper
CheckManDM 1000Mini LCD Volt/Ohm Meter
CircuitmateDM73Digital multimeter
Construction Master Pro v 3.1 Calculator
Cool ConceptsLaser LED LightLaser LED Light
CoolTroniX WT-350Long Range Headset Walkie Talkie
Coralife Digital ThermometerCoralife Digital ThermometerCoralife Digital Thermometer
Craftsman13919Torque Wrench
Craftsman9-13918Craftsman Industrial Torque Wrench
CraniumCranium Giggle Gear Magical UnicornToy Game
DavelyDalvey ST Elmo ClockClock
DeltaTrak 12211 Thermometer
DigitechATC-401travel alarm clock
DisneyDisney PIXAR Cars Tour the Town Play A Sound PlayToy Game
Donkey Kong IIJR55Toy Game
Dr Laura BermanRemote Control EggPersonal Vibrator
Dri Sleeper Excel Bedwetting alarm
Duracell MS76B Battery
Duracell PX675 Battery
DuracellPX76Z675A Battery
Emerson ElectronicsDM78Circuitmate
EnergizerLR44A76 Battery
Eveready A76 Battery
EvereadyEPX675 Battery
Eveready S76E Battery
Firefield LaserLX9X-161496Pistol Laser Sight
Fischer PriceRescue Hero Fischer Price ToyToy Game
Fisher Scientific2025 052stop watches
FitnessQuestPU-701Pulse Monitor Wristwatch Heart Rate Meter
Frankford Arsenal 672060Caliper
FundexFundex Mexican Train GameToy Game
Gamo Laser6212045145Laser Scope
GE51107Wireless Alarm System Kit uses 4
GE 51208 Personal Keychain Security Alarmuses 4
General No. 147 UPC 01470Digital Fractional Caliper
Golden BooksGolden Sing Along Kids Songs with Crazy SoundsSing Along Book
Good Cook25111 Thermometer
GPA76GPA76 Battery
Hampton20975Direct Wireless Alarm & Door Chime
Hampton Direct 20975 wireless alarm & door chime uses three
HannaHI 98129 Combo pH/EC/TDS/Temperature Tester
Hanna InstrumentsHI98331Handheld temperature EC meterSoil Test
Harbor Freight 90910LED Keychain Light
Hasbro Transformers Walkie Talkies
Hewett PackardHP-27SCalculator
HP10b Calculator
HP10BII Calculator
HP10sScientific Calculator
HP11c Calculator uses 3
HP12c Calculator
HP15c Calculator
HP16c Calculator
HP17b Calculator
HP17bii Calculator
HP20s Calculator
HP27S Calculator
HP300 Scientific Calculatoruses one
HP32s Calculator
HP32s2 Calculator
HP32sii Calculator
HP42 Calculator
HP42s Calculator
Ideal61-063 Electrical tester
Ideal 61-605 Digital Multimeter uses two
Ideal TraceTone 62140 Tone Generator Amplifier Probeuses eight
Imaginarium 2010 Classic Train Table with Roundhouse Wooden TrToy
IntellitecWPT1000 Digital Water Purity Tester
IntermaticDT121CDigital Timer
IntermaticDT27 Digital Timer
IntermaticDT27C Timer
IntermaticDT620Timer Astronomical
IntermaticDT620CLTimeruses two
IntermaticEJ500 Timeruses 2
IntermaticEJ500CWall Timer
Intermatic HB800Digital Outdoor Timer
IntermaticTB121Digital Programmable Timer
IntermaticTB121CDigital Timer
Irwin3061002 Chop Saw Laser Guide
J FitHSE-650 Elliptical Trainer Hope Series
Johnson ScientificJT-30.5005s Digital Hygrometer
KettlerKettler Golf Exercise Bike
KohlsES20008A Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns
Lalique Iris Clock movement BYM408Clock
Laserlyte Bore SighterLaserlyte Bore Sighter universal .22 - .50 calBore Sighter
Lee Valley Veritas Electronic Caliper
LenmarLR44 (A76) Battery
Lips-N-Eyes Cosmetic OrganizerCosmetic Organizer
Loud N' ClearLNC-CD12 Personal sound amplification system
Lux WIN100 Programmable Outlet Thermostat
MalloryLR44 Battery
MalloryS76E Battery
Mamiya6 Medium Format CameraCamera
MartinSW100 Digital Stopwatch
Maverick TM-03Professional Digital 3 Line Timer
MaxellLR44 Hitachi Battery
MaxximaMF-43W Turntable light
MedlineMDS9628Digital Oral Thermometer Kit
Meprolight66111LED FingerLight
MeprolightMeprolight LED FingerLight 66111 ML-FL-66111LED FingerLight
Metris InstrumentsTN002PC Mini Infrared Thermometer
Metrix 3 LED Flashlight
Mews Ments2-IN-1 LaserPet Toy Exerciser and Flashlight
Micronta22-165 Digital Multimeter
Micronta22-171AOhm Meter
Micronta70/440VAC P-89 Voltage Sensor
Milwaukee CD97 TDS Ionic Silver Colloidal PPM Tester
MinoltaFlash Meter IIICamera Flash Meter
MiracleBeamMiracleBeam Class IIIA LaserLaser
Mitutoyo500-115Vernier Calipers
Movado TBL000310MCrystal Black Circle Clock
MSWMSW LR44 Button BatteryBattery
MtronicDHHCALWTCWorld Time Clock
NationalLR44 Battery
NC StarATPRLS Pistol Laser Sight Weaver Style Base
NEDA 1166ABattery
Nikkormat FT2Camera
NikonEM Camera
Nikon F3 Camera
NikonFE Camera
Nikon FE2Camera
NikonFG Camera
Nordstrom2008 Lighted Snow Globe Ben 10 OmnitrixOrnament
Oakton1211032PH Spear meter
Olympus 35 EC2Camera uses 2
OlympusOlympus OM3 pocket cameraCamera
OlympusOM4T camera
OlympusWS-311MDigital Voice Recorder
Oregon BA168Scientific Weather Station
OregonPE316CAPedometer Calorie Stepper
OregonPE316FMScientific Calculator
OregonRX 107 Scientific OUTBREAKER Sportwatch wheel sensors
Pampered ChefPampered Chef Clock TimerTimer Clock
Panasonic LR44 Battery
PentaxME Super 35mmCamera
Pentax MS76 Battery
Polder604-90Swivel Head Thermometer
Qualified Industries Qualifier Plus IIIpx 3441 Calculator Mortage
QuartzMV-2001 circa 2000Clock
Quizmaster TV20Electronic Game
Radio Shack 22-179APocket Auto Range LCD Digital Multimeter
Radio Shack22-802Digital Multimeter
Radio Shack22-820Multimeter
Radio Shack23-115 Battery
Radio Shack33-3012 Headset Microphone
Radio Shack63-1114 Deluxe Digital Tire Gageuses two
Radio Shack63-706Micronata LCD Travel Alarm Clock
Radio Shack63-854Indoor Outdoor Thermometer
Radio Shack 63-911Keychain Talking Clock
Radio ShackEC-4000Scientific Calculator
Radio ShackEC-4007 Calculator
Radio ShackEC-4030Calculator
Radio ShackLR44Battery
Ray-O-Vac RPX675 Battery
Real AvidAVBR101-BLed Bore Light Magnetic Hands Free
Redi-CheckET-3 Meat Thermometer
RobicSC-500e Count Up and Countdown Timer
Robic SC-512 Count Up and Countdown Timer
RobicSC-522 Count Up and Countdown Timer
Royal Flush5000 key chain video poker
Sanyo LR44 Battery
Sarah PeytonFlameless CandlesHousehold Knicknacks
Sears831.287500Lifestyler Ergometer Exercise Bike
SeikoQQQ155G Clock Travel Alarmsome models use AA 1.5 volt alkaline LR44CD
SennheiserSennheiser Shotgun video microphoneMicrophone
Serfas TracerSerfas Tracer Road HandlebarTaillightsBicycle Taillights
Shanghais & Henhan17003 Digital Caliper
Sharp EL2139HBCalculator uses one
SharpEL334H Calculator
SharpEL506 Calculatoruses two
SharpEL506GScientific Calculator
SharpEL506PCalculatoruses two
SharpEL507 Calculatoruses two
SharpEL-509AScientific Calculator
SharpEL5100STProgrammable calculator
SharpEL531GScientific Calculator
SharpEL531R Scientific Calculatortakes two
SharpEL531WBBKScientific Calculator uses two
SharpEL5813 Scientific Calculatoruses 2
SharpEL6230Dial Master 100 with Tone Dialing Function uses three
SharpEL731 Calculator
Sharp EL733 Calculator
SharpEL733A Calculator Uses two
Sharper ImageBN4513-In-1 Kitchen Timer
Sharper ImageSharper Image digital photo frame keychainPhoto Frame Keychain
ShimanoSM-6501Wireless bicycle computer
SKIL610924433Laser Level
Sounds 'N Lights Activity WalkerBaby Gear
SoxeyLR44 Battery
Sperry830005Scientific Solar Calculator
SperryDM-2APocket Pro Digital Multimeter
Sperry HVH602Voltage Tester
Sperry HVH602 50-10000V AC Inductive electrical tester
SperryVH-602A Voltage Detector Non-ContactVoltage Detector uses two
Sportline220 Basic StopwatchSportline Walking Advantage
Sportline 340 Strider Pedometer
Sportline360Fitness Pedometer
Sportline GW4203ASStopwatch
SporttimeSportime-walk tracker plus pedometerPedometer
Star Wars WallE ToyRemote Control R2-D2 droid
StepsIntoSW701Health Pedometer
Street DefenderMC-223 Personal Alarm
Stylus08513 Micro RC Racer
Swann SW351-MDA Window Magnetic Alarm uses four
Sylva GP76A Battery
TakaraTakara Motion Activated BluebirdToy Bluebird
Tanita1477 Digital Scale
Taylor 3519Tru-Temp meat thermometer pen style
Taylor9640ADigital Thermometer
Taylor 9840Thermometer
Taylor9840NInstant Read Digital Thermometer
Taylor9842Meat Thermometer
Taylor V0524Handheld timer
TDSTDS-02Digital TDS Water Testing Meter
Techko S086CGlass Break Sensor
TechnicsSH-50p1 Electronic Stylus Pressure Gage
Telco S086NGlass Break Sensor Alarm
Temp Rite980NThermometer
Texas InstrumentsBA Real Estate calculator
Texas InstrumentsBA35 Battery
Texas InstrumentsTI-1750 Calculator
Texas InstrumentsTI-1750IICalculator
Texas InstrumentsTI-30Calculatoruses two
Texas InstrumentsTI-30 StatCalculatorCirca 1988
Texas InstrumentsTI-30-II Calculatoruses two
Texas Instruments TI-30X Calculatoruses two
Texas Instruments TI30XA Calculator uses two
Texas Instruments TI30XA Calculator
Texas InstrumentsTI30XA Calculator
Texas InstrumentsTI-30Xa Battery Scientific Calculator
Texas InstrumentsTI-30XACalculator
Texas InstrumentsTI-30XA Calculator
Texas InstrumentsTI-30XACalculator
Texas Instruments TI-30X-A CalculatorFits and replaces: MS76 Battery
Texas InstrumentsTI-35 Plus Calculator
Texas InstrumentsTI-35X Calculator
Texas InstrumentsTI-50 Calculatoruses two
Texas InstrumentsTI-5018 Scientific Calculator
Texas InstrumentsTI-53 Calculatoruses two
Texas Instruments TI-55 III Calculatoruses 2
Texas InstrumentsTI-55-II Calculatoruses two
Texas InstrumentsTI-55-II DatamathCalculator
Texas InstrumentsTI-55-III Calculatoruses two
Texas InstrumentsTI-60Calculator uses two
Texas InstrumentsTI-62 Galaxy Calculatoruses two
Texas InstrumentsTI-65 Calculatoruses two
Texas InstrumentsTI-66Calculatoruses two
Texas Instruments TX-30 Calculator
ThermoWorks600C-NPocket Thermometer
ThermoWorksRT301WASuper-Fast Pocket Thermometer
Things Remembered 642183Digital clock desk set
Thomas The Tank Thomas the tank engine lights and soundsToy Game
Thomas Train LL44Batteries
TimexAccu-Curve Thermometer
Tiny LoveActivity BallPersonal Vibrator
Transformers PowerheadWalkie Talkies
TruTemp 3516N Thermometer
UCARA76 Battery
Ultrak 320 Sport Stopwatches
UltronicMF7 Clock radio indoor thermometer
Usborne BookUsborne Books Noisy Sound BooksNoisy Sound Book
Vernier4100-3506AABS Digital Calipers 6"
Vettac-5Bicycling computer
VicksV901h-24 Digital Fever Thermometeruses two
Vicks V965FComfortflex digital thermometer
VWR 810015Super Scientific Timer
WavetekDM78 Digital Voltmeter
Westclox 47508Clock
Wixey510 Planer Digital Readout
Xena XE12 Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm
XenaXM10Lock Motorcycle
XenaXM9Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm
XenaXN14 Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm
XenaXN15 Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm
XenaXR1 Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm
Xikar 832XI hygrometer
Yamax 7010 Pedometer
YamaxSW-701 Pedometer
Yashica FX103Camerauses 2
Yashica Yashica FXD Quartz SLRCamera
Zenith SL-6153-C Basic Series Wireless Door Chime

MAXELL 379 SR521SW - Box of 100 Batteries. 20 Strips of 5 Batteries $87.00 LR44 Maxell (Replaces A76 or PX76A) - Box of 200 Batteries $120.00 MAXELL 344 SR1136SW - 100 Batteries 20 strips of 5 Batteries $165.00 MAXELL 315 SR716SW - 100 Batteries 20 Strips of 5 Batteries $103.73

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