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LITH-35 - CR927 500 Pack, Two For The Price of One! BOGO 500 CR927 X 2 = 1000

SKU: 207927
LITH-35 - CR927 500 Pack Lithium Coin Cell Batteries 3 Volt 30 mAh. 500 CR927 in a Tray.

Price: $150.00



This item qualifies for FREE Shipping.

Please Note: Effective May 16th 2012, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will no longer accept international shipments of any LITHIUM batteries. Read the document Here. However, it is possible to ship these batteries via UPS and FedEx.

Item Specifications
# of Units:1000
Unit Cost:0.15
Weight:1.0000 lbs.
Mfg. #:

Product Description

BUY ONE 500 PACK GET ONE 500 PACK FREE! In Trays of 50 Stacked to equal 500 x 2 = 1000 - CR927 Lithium Coin Cell Batteries - CR927 - 3 Volt 30 mAh Free Ship USA. Total of 1000 batteries in 20 Trays of 50. Limited Quantities and Limited Time!

The USPS announced 5.16.12 10 AM EST No international shipments of any lithium batteries are allowed. Please do not order if you are outside the USA.

This is a primary, non-rechargeable battery. Dispose of ethically when expired.

Fits and replaces:

Fits and replaces: AG14 Casio FX115N calculator Casio FX115W Casio LITHIUM GR927, CASIO SUPER FX, CASIO SUPER FX Calculator, SUPERFX, CR927 3V, CRS27, GR927, CR927, Lith35, I.E.C. CR927, IEC Vinnic CR927, Radio Shack 55025156, Renata CR927, AG7, DL927, ECR927, BR927, DL927B, BR927 1W, CR927 1W, KCR927, LM927, LITH35, CX927, CX 927, CR 927, Blinky Flashing Blinky, Blinkie flashing blinkie, Flashing Novelties, Blinky Body Lights, LED Accent Light, LED Accent Lights, Glow Lights, Glow Lites, Blinky Lights, Blinky Lite's, Blinkie lights, Blinkie lites, Blinky light's, Blinkies lights, Blinkies lites, cr 927 ,CR 927, LR 927, LR927, LR 927 BUTTON 8 BATTERY, LR 927 watch battery, LR927 watch battery CRITICAL MASS CHRONO, Critical Mass Chronograph, Reactor Critical Mass Chronograph, AG7 395A SR927SW 395A CX57 LR927W G7 LR927 395 399B SR57 TR927SW SR927 195

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