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Rechargeable UPS Lantern & Flashlight 6 volt 12Ah Battery Litebox SLA10-6 Toyo

SKU: 173256
Rechargeable UPS Lantern & Flashlight Replacement Battery Litebox SLA10-6 Rhino or Toyo

Price: $33.74



Item Specifications
# of Units:1
Unit Cost:33.74
Weight:5.0000 lbs.
Mfg. #:SLA10-6
UPC Code:9322888082

Product Description

Replacement Rechargeable Lantern & Flashlight Battery for Litebox 6 volt 12 amp hour SLA Replaces 6 volt 10 Ah

We lovingly test every battery prior to shipping and only ship perfect fully charged batteries

Please use your existing wire harness. Please verify the dimensions 5.95" Long x 1.97" Wide x 3.94" Height

Fits and replaces:Yuasa NP106 RBC3 APC BACKUPS 600 BCPRO1050 uses three BC PRO1050 Streamlight Litebox StreamLight LiteBox and Firebox Replacement Battery 4593 UPS OMNISMART1400 Tripplite SMART 1400 ES-SLA10-6 DMU612 DiaMec DMU6-12 YUASA 6V 10AH Genesis NP10-6T, Yuasa/EnerSys NP10-6T, Powersonic PS6100 F2, PS6100-F2, CSB GP6120F2, Panasonic LC-R0612P1, LCR-6V-10BP1, LCR-6V12P1, RadioShack 23-9029, 960-047BACK UPS 600 APC 600 BATTERY, APC BATTERY BACKUP, APC BACKUPS 600 6V 10AH PEGV10 6V 10AH PE6V10 6V 10AH

We will ship you Rhino or Toyo equal superior quality and premium performance.

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