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Battery Reference charts to help you find:

Replacement Batteries,

Battery Product Details,

Battery Cross Reference Numbers and

Other Important Battery Related Information.


G-01. Watch Battery Measurement Tool
G-02. Watch Battery Replacement Guide
G-03. Watch Battery Cross Reference
G-04. Watch Battery Current Drain
G-05. NEDA Cross Reference
G-06. Cordless Phone Battery Connector Types
G-07. Silver Oxide Information Sheet
G-08. batteryBob University Course on New NiCD Cordless Phone Batteries
G-09. Maxell® Press release concerning fake watch batteries.
G-10. USPS International Mailing of Lithium Batteries.
G-11. PX Mercury Replacements
G-12. Mercury Battery Suggested Replacement Guide
G-13. Battery Equivalents: Amateur Radio Hand Held Batteries
G-14. Omega Calibres - Complete Index (PDF)
G-15. ANSI C18.1M, Part 1-2001 (PDF)
G-16. Maxell CR Battery Product Safety Sheet - MSDS (PDF)
G-17. Battery Assembly Guidelines for Lithium, Lithium lon and Lithium Polymer Cells and Batteries (PDF)
G-18. Seiko Calibers Technical / Repair Manuals(PDF)
G-19. Renata‘s born on date...
G-20. Battery Storage: Proper Storage


B-01. Energizer Watch Battery Cross Reference
B-02. Maxell Watch Battery Cross Reference
B-03. Nike Watch Battery Guide
B-04. Panasonic CR & BR Data
B-05. Panasonic Lithium BR & CR Tab Configurations
B-06. Rayovac - Hearing Aids - Cross Reference
B-07. Rhino Specifications Metric
B-08. Varta Watch Battery Cross Reference
B-09. Renata Battery Industry Cross Reference 2013 (PDF)

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