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SLA4-12 Toyo Alarm, Medical or UPS Replacement Battery 12 volt 4.5 Ah

SKU: 751412
SLA4-12 Toyo Alarm, Medical or UPS Replacement Battery 12 volt 4.5 Ah

Price: $16.99


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Item Specifications
# of Units:1
Unit Cost:16.99
Weight:3.2000 lbs.
Mfg. #:SLA4-12/6FM4.5

Product Description

SLA4-12 Alarm, Medical, Trailer, Break or UPS Replacement Battery 12 volt 4.5 Ah or Toyo; an equal quality and performing brand. You can also use the 12 volt 5 Ah completely interchangeable but with more storage capacity.

We lovingly test every battery prior to shipping and only ship perfect fully charged batteries ready for immediate use

You MUST confirm dimensions before ordering. . If you are in the South Florida area you can pick up at our warehouse 7 days a week just select counter pick up in the shipping choices. Replaces and supersedes older 12 volt 4 Ah. L 3.64 W 2.76 H 4.21. If you want a better battery use the SLA5-12 completely interchangeable. Of course we are the only small battery company open 7 days a week.

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Fits and replaces: Dayo 6FM4.5 DJW12.45 Fufutex FP1245 MegaBatt FM640 Tandy/Radio Shack 23289B/23-289B Ultratech UT1240 12V FM1240(12V4.5AH) Kung Long WP4.512 12V 4.5AH Coleman Retro 5312 Lantern Casil CA1240 Chamberlain LiftMaster automatic garage door opener model 3850P Chamberlain Stand By Power System battery number 485LM FIFUTEC FP1245 FIFUTEC 1245 Secure SB1240 UT1240 243215 Black & Decker 243215 Power Tool Battery FM645 UPRW1245P1 Chamberlain Garage Door Opener backup battery DSW12-4.5 6FM4.5 12V4.5 AH/20HR ION TAILGATER AM/FM Portable Sound System for iPod iPhone Radio Shack Catalog 40-047 Model: TAILGATEG S12V4AH Henda 6FMS4.5 Ademco VISTA-10se Westec N5307V2 10WTE SLA4-12 GS PE412R PORTALAC PE412R MH26038 Casil CA 1240 Casil CA1240 Johnlight CY041214 Johnlite CY041214 Belkin F6H375-USB NP412 4.0 AH CDP SS412 (12V 4.5AH) Rhino SLA412 6FMS4.5 LEOCH DJW12V4.5AH LEOCH DJW124.5/12V4.5 SB 1240 SB1240 PT4.512 SH4.512 SY1245 41A6357-1 Liftmaster Chamberlin 41A6357-1 UTRATECH UT1240 12V SOLEX SB 1240 12V 4.0AH 10 HR 4/3FAU 6MD4.5 Portalac PE12V4.5A 41A6357-1 41A6357 WD900D HD900D CyberPower 485VA UPS Power Patrol SLA1050 12V4.5AH 6FW 4.5 Sunca RB640CS GreatLand Power Source RT1245 DJW12 4.5 SB1240 12V 4AH FP1245 BP4.512RT APC 885 uses four Solex SB1240 Secure SB 1240 Secure SB1240 Rocket ES412 Ultratech 12 VOLT 4 AH TOYO 6FM4.5 12V 12V 4 5AH FP1245 ULTRATECH UT 1240 CJ124.5AH CJ124.5 BB BP412 DSC BD 412 12V CA 1240 12V 4AH LICHPOWER DJW 124.5 AH SP1240 SLA SB 1240 12V 4.0 BBBP412 DMU 1240 U 1245 U1245 CASIL CA1240 4AH ENERSYS GENESIS NP412 YUASA / ENERSYS GENESIS NP412 FP 1245 FP1245 12V 4.5AH/20HR 6MF4.5 12 VOLT 4.5AH Rhino SLA412 Secure SB1240 WP4.512 DSC Power 632 PC1555MXDSC BD 412 DSC BD412 security system CASIL 12V CA1240 Solex 1240 GP 1240 12V 4.0AH ADT 804302 Alarm Battery Ademco Vista 10SE alarm system Prostar Security System FP1245 BF500U BELKIN RT 1245 SLA124.5 12V 4.0 AH ULTRA TECH UT 1240 12 V 4AH Casil BATTERY 12V 4AH CA1240 12V 4AH RITAR1245 ADT DSC BD 412 ADEMCO 467 12V 4AH CA1240 12V 4AH 4AH 12V CA1240 BD 412 12V BD412 BD 412 ADT BATTERY MH26038 CASIL CA12 MH26038 CASIL CA1240 12V 4AH BP4.512 SOLEX SB1240 SOLEX SB 1240 6FM4.5 12V4.5AH UT 1240 UT1240 RT 1240 RT1240 Ultratech 1240 Ritar RT1240 12 V4.5 AH SB 1240 Casil MH26038 Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12V 4AH 12 VOLT 4AH 12V 4.2AH RT1240 CASIL 12V 4AH CA1240 NP412 12V 4AH DSC BD412 System Backup Battery DSC BD412 Casil 1240 CA1240 12V 4H Casil CY030116 CASIL 12 V 4AH battery ADT 3000 home security system 485LM LiftMaster EverCharge Garage Door Opener Battery Backup System CASIL CA1240 APC BF350 Battery Backup Panasonic LCR12V4PFAD RT 1245 DJW124.5 DSC BD 4-12 DSC Power 632 controller GP1245F2 Belkin FC900 battery Backup 050523B uses 2 with OEM wiring harness Ritar RT1245 12V 4.5 AH Valve Regulated Rechargeable Battery Model PC1555, DSC BD 412, Digital Security Controls PC1555, Digital Security Controls DSC BD412, VISTA-15 PMT SECURITY SYSTEM, VISTA15 PMT SECURITY SYSTEM, Replaces older 4 Ah with this improved capacity 4.5 Ah. If the dimensions & volts match you have a perfect match. 12V 4AH, 12 VOLT 4 AH, 12 VOLT 4 AMP HOUR, Honeywell Model Ademco Vista- 10P/10Psia, 6FM4.5, TOYO 1240, TOYO 6FM4.5, APC RBC 30, RBC30, BD412, SL Waber Powerhouse 280, PowerPalL280, BC Personal 280, Tripp Lite BC Internet 280, 12 VOLT 4 AMP, 12 VOLT 4 AMP RECHARGEABLE, CyberPower CPS375SL, Sl Waber Powerhouse 250, Minuteman Pro200 and others. SLA Alarm Battery, SLA Alarm Batteries, Alarm Battery, Alarm Batteries, Inovonics Spectrum/Vision Plus Security system C-2020 Will substitute with equal or better product if necessary.

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