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Rhino SLA1.2-6 or Toyo SLA1.3-6 Alarm, Medical or UPS Replacement Battery 6 volt 1.2 Ah or 1.3 Ah

SKU: 751212
Rhino SLA1.2-6  or Toyo SLA1.3-6 Alarm, Medical or UPS Replacement Battery 6 volt 1.2 Ah or 1.3 Ah

Price: $8.99


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Item Specifications
# of Units:1
Unit Cost:8.99
Weight:0.7500 lbs.
Mfg. #:SLA1.2-6
UPC Code:9322888013

Product Description

Rhino or Toyo SLA1.2/1.3-6 Alarm, Medical or UPS Replacement Battery 6 volt 1.2 Ah or the slightly better 6 volt 1.3 Ah Toyo. 3FM1.3 multiply the first number by 2 for the volts ergo 6 volt 1.3 Ah

Please remember to re-set your alarm system to enable it to recognize the new battery. If you fail to do this the system will report low battery notice even with new perfect battery.

You MUST confirm dimensions before ordering. Some security systems require a RESET before the new battery is recognized

Place order on line, select Counter Pick Up If you are in the South Florida area you can pick up at our warehouse 7 days a week just select counter pick up in the shipping choices. Please select USPS Flat Rate Envelope $4.90 as your shipping choice. Both work interchangeably perfectly supplying the critical 6 volts. L 3.75 inches W .87 of an inch H 2.00 inches. Your device may require two of these batteries. Please check with your user instructions for the device.

We lovingly test every battery prior to shipping and only ship perfect fully charged batteries ready for immediate use

Fits and replaces: Simon XT DJW61.2 Portalac PE6V1.2 Simon 6V 1.3AH UPS Leoch 60914 U-D5731 AB37487 GE 60914 Battery GE60914 28-light Solar eClips Light String PS612 Leoch DJW61.2 6V 1.3A 600-1054-95R Simon XT General Electric Emergency Light or Security ADT Simon XT 600105495R GE security system model 80-307-3X RLITJ6212VC Werker 6V 1.3AH AGM WK Panasonic LCR061R3PU GE Alarm System Simon Part No 60-875 TOYO USP 3FM 1.3 SW613 ENERSYS YUA NP36 YUASA NP3-6 DJW61.2 3FM1.3 Common Sensing TBO-DL6 Water Quality Meter LCRO61R3P 6V 1.3AH LCRO61RP3 Lich Power DJW6-1.2 (6v1.2ah) GE 60914 GE Simon Security system 60-875 Enduring MH27774 DJW651.2 LYCXH POWER DJW61.2 ADT 422-2805 LICHPOWER DJW612(6V1.2AH) BJW6 1.2 LCR061R3PU LYCH POWER DJW61.2 CP612 LICH POWER DJW6 1.2 DJW6VOLT1.2AH LYCH DJW61.2 GE Simon XT Fire Security alarm 600-1054-95R 6JW61.2 6V 1.3AH/20HR DJW6 1.2HD SLA1.2/1.36 DJW12-1.2 LICH POWER DJWG1.2(6V1.2H) 6 VOLT 1.2AH DLW61.2 LICH POWER DFW61.2 DJW61.2 (6VI.2AH) DJW6.1.2 DJW61.2(6V1.2 AH) TOYOUSP 3FM1.3 3FM1.3 ALARM DJW6 1.2 (6V 1.2) DJW6 1.2 (6V 1.2AH) YUASA NP 1.26 BJW61.2 DJW61.3 6 V 1.2 AH DJW61.2(6V1.24A) Simon Security System 3 home alarm system Model 60-875-11-3 DJW61.2 6V 1.4AH LICH POWER DJW61.2 6V 1.4AH MH26669 DJW61.2 HD DJW6 1.2 6V 1.2AH DJW6 1.26V1.2AH DJW6 1.26V1 Linchpower DJWR1.2 Linchpower DJW6V1.2AH Peacekeeper GE Interlogix GE Simon XT 600105495R GE Simon XT Model 600-1054-95R DJW61.2 (6V1.AH) DJW61.2 (6V1.SAH) Portalac PE6V1.2 GE Simon XT Security System Model 600-1054-95R SLA1.312 LICH POWER DJW61.2 (6V 1.2AH) DJW61.2 (6V 1.2AH) DJWC1.26 6FM12 F2 LEOCH BATTERYDJW61.2 6VOLT 1.2 AH DJW61.2(6V1.4AH) DJW 6 1.2 Lichpower DJW12 DJW61.2(6V1.2) SLA1.26V UB613 DJW6-1.2 Replacement Battery Leoch DJW6-1.2 LICHPOWER 6V 1.2AH LICHPOWER DJW61.2(6V1.2AH) Leoch Battery LTD, D5W61.2, DJW6-1.2 used in GE Simon Security System 466-1871-01 Rev A Simon XT key pad General Electric Simon 60-875 Home Security System Simon GE Security 60875 GE Interlogix Simon Security system keypad part # 60-875 GE Simon 2-way VOIP home alarm system LICHPOWER DJW6-1.2 Maintenance free Lead-Acid LICHPOWER DJW61.2HD Lichpower DJW6-1.2 YUASA NP1.26, GE Interlogix Simon 3 security system, Lichpower DJW6-1.2, Lichpower DJW6, G.E. Interlogix Model # 60875113, GE Interlogix Simon Security System 60-875,

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